Wireless stuck at validating identity

I've opened a support ticket with Apple, but I'm curious if anyone else is seeing something similar. So far I've tried a 15" late 2013, 13" late 16 non touchbar, and a 13" late 16 touchbar all updated to 10.12.5 and was able to sucessfully connect https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207797 802.1X Available for: mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 Impact: A malicious network with 802.1X authentication may be able to capture user network credentials Description: A certificate validation issue existed in EAP-TLS when a certificate changed.This issue was addressed through improved certificate validation.Here is a guide to help you build a Cisco ISE lab for securing mobile devices.First the assumption is you have a appliance, Active Directory and other services. The ISE system was synched with AD for three identity groups (employees, contractors and guests).My team built a Cisco Identity Services Engine ISE demo lab designed to secure mobile devices such as i Pads, Androids, etc.We ran into a few snags however in the end got the system to work nicely.In first phase the client authenticates the server using a TLS -Transport Layer Security, certificate-based mechanism.This establishes an encrypted tunnel through which the second-phase PEAP credentials may be securely exchanged.

PEAP authentication is managed between the PEAP supplicant and the authentication server (Radius).

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Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 and cannot get it to connect to my school Wi Fi network.

I can access it via a LAN wired connection but the computer does not have WPA2 capabilities.

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