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Following in the footsteps of “Chor Bazari” of “Love Aaj Kal,” “The Breakup Song” defiantly celebrates being single “Are you not looking for someone?” I look up with a mouth half full of paneer as the cameraman and his glaring flash is focused right in my face, and wonder if I’m the only wedding guest that has probed this fascination of inappropriate filming.’ It can be weird for somebody who’s never been in this world before to be sucked into it.” When asked if she’s in a relationship right now, Hailey said, “Dating is weird, but it’s so fun.” For more from Hailey, visit!

Isolated in Nevada, it would be two decades before they travelled to Bard, California, where they were nurtured and cajoled into bearing fruit fit for worldwide consumption.

The underrated concept of live-in relationships has made love an autonomous process, letting it take its responsibility in its own hands. Love previously needed a time slot to be separately kept aside but now she is always around, humming in the kitchen or decorating the front porch, being a part of you by just being in your sight.

As I confidently enter my late twenties and am constantly reminded by my well-meaning mother that the only way for my menial and insignificant life to be complete is by getting married (aren’t mothers great?

Cox was having so much fun, another source adds, that she split her pants dancing!

According to his website, Freedrix is a former high school teacher who ran an award-winning teen filmmaking program called Killarney Films, and who “also happens to love orangutans.” Freedrix has worked with Cox’s costars in the past.

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