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Eso empezó a cambiar con ese proyecto llamado The Tangent, un supergrupo en el que se fusionaban basicamente dos bandas, los propios po90 y los mucho más populares The Flower Kings. Que quede como un motivo para seguir recomendando este disco, EMHO, uno de los mejores de Enchant - a pesar de no estar diseñado para serlo - y que ya esta reseñado en la seccion de Discos de LCDM.

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He mentions he likes to become a regular at a coffee shop or restaurant that has a cute girl working there, chat her up, and eventually give her his number.

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According to Patrick Wanis, a human behavior and relationship expert, “Often when someone hasn’t made up their mind, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re noncommittal; it really could imply something worse, such as, ‘I’m waiting for the bigger, better offer.’” Carole Lieberman, M. “What he really means is that he’s hoping for a better opportunity to come up,” she says.

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And if you happen to scare him away by asking him questions, then he isn’t worth having a relationship with you!