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The French (and thus also the derived English) word "blond" has two possible origins.Some linguists say it comes from Medieval Latin blundus, meaning "yellow", from Old Frankish blund which would relate it to Old English blonden-feax meaning "grey-haired", from blondan/blandan meaning "to mix" (Cf. Also, Old English beblonden meant "dyed", as ancient Germanic warriors were noted for dyeing their hair.From the sites where prehistoric hunters and gatherers lived, to ancient China and Viking ships, cannabis has been used across the world for ages, and a new report presents the drug's colorful history.In the report, author Barney Warf describes how cannabis use originated thousands of years ago in Asia, and has since found its way to many regions of the world, eventually spreading to the Americas and the United States.And it hasn't always been regarded quite so highly, making a surprise appearance in the first Crap Towns book in 2003 and placing fifth behind Hythe and ahead of Liverpool. The Orkney Islands in Scotland come second in the league table, which suggests the cold isn't all bad, as they it is about as far north as you can go in Great Britain. "It likely flourished in the nutrient-rich dump sites of prehistoric hunters and gatherers," Warf wrote in his study.Burned cannabis seeds have also been found in kurgan burial mounds in Siberia dating back to 3,000 B.

Marijuana has been legal in many regions of the world for most of its history. It is important to distinguish between the two familiar subspecies of the cannabis plant, Warf said.A high proportion (96.6 per cent) of residents reported being in good or fairly good health compared to a national average of 94.6 per cent, according to the Halifax findings.Life expectancy rates in Winchester were also higher than the national average, with Winchester men expected to live to around 82-years-old, while Winchester women could expect to live until they were 85. This survey is conducted by an independent company, Qualtrics.The “practically perfect” county city of Winchester has been named the best place to live in the UK for quality of life, according to a new survey.

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The Hampshire city, home to around 45,000 people, has come out as the number one local authority for best quality in the study – knocking its fellow Hampshire district of Hart off the top spot, which it has held for the past five years. Winchester, previously heralded “the perfect English city” in the annual Sunday Times ‘best places to live’ guide, stands out for its good schools, low crime and broad range of tourist attractions.

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