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Local rolls are also held at Post Shops, local council offices, libraries and court houses.

They might have their name on a website, either personal, education or work-related.

These tell you that you have won a prize in a lottery you haven't entered.

But you have to pay money to the operators before they will release the money.

But it still can be a murky world, where many are feeling their way.

One person who's all too aware of the potential pitfalls is Whitney Wolfe.

The culture of New Zealand is essentially a Western culture influenced by the unique environment and geographic isolation of the islands, and the cultural input of the indigenous Māori and the various waves of multi-ethnic migration which followed the British colonisation of New Zealand.

Polynesian explorers reached the islands between 12 CE.

Top In these scams offenders use stolen credit card numbers to buy high price items or sell bulk items then take the money and run. Visit the Consumer NZ website to see a report on online auctions.Regular European contact began from 1800, and British immigration proceeded rapidly, especially from 1855.Colonists had a dramatic effect on the Māori, bringing Christianity, advanced technology, the English language, numeracy and literacy.Māori retained their identity, mostly choosing to live separately from settlers and continuing to speak and write te reo Māori.With mass migration from Britain, a high Māori death rate and low life expectancy for Māori women, the indigenous population figure dropped between 18, becoming a minority.

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More Howard Davis: Jonathan Mane-Wheoki Jonathan Mane-Wheoki was an eminent New Zealand art historian, academic, and curator.

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