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It would take extensive amounts of time to make each tables borders invisible. Select All Editable Ranges (wd Editor Everyone) Active Document.

Problem lies in the fact that CSS formats the table in HTML while in Word document they are left with horrible looking borders, that need to be invisible.

Screen Updating = False For Each c In Range("A1", Range("A" & Rows. End(xl Up)) BS = "": NS = "" For a = 1 To Len(Trim(c)) Step 1 If c.

Offset(, 1) = Trim(BS) NS = Trim(NS) If Left(NS, 1) = Chr(150) Then NS = Right(NS, Len(NS) - 1) If Left(NS, 1) = Chr(45) Then NS = Right(NS, Len(NS) - 1) c. Screen Updating = True End Sub Xl := Com Obj Active("Excel.

Enable Events to tell VBA processor whether to fire events or not. Count, sheet Index := "", sheet Name := "" Progress,, Indexing,, Sort Sheet Loop, %sheet Count% Progress, 100, Checking,, Sort Sheet If Ascending Sort sheet Index, F Str Cmp Logical A D/ Else Sort sheet Index, F Str Cmp Logical D D/ Sleep, 100 Loop, parse, sheet Index, / Progress,100, Done. Also another example on method with optional parameter would be great.Since Word Reference's only reliable delimiter is bold and non-bold text, I use a VBA code to split into two cells the content from column A based on bold and non-bold text. This is the code to highlight the text and place the clipboard items into an excel sheet: ^s:: Clipboard = Sleep 200 Send ^c Sleep 200 Clipwait = 3 Sleep 200 If Win Not Exist Microsoft Excel - Unknown4 Sleep 200 If Win Not Active Microsoft Excel - Unknown4 Win Activate Microsoft Excel - Unknown4 Loop Return Option Explicit Sub Split Bold() ' stanleydgromjr, 11/21/2010, EF754022 Dim c As Range, a As Long, BS As String, NS As String Application.

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