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She is also known for her role as Aubrey Posen in Pitch Perfect (2012), Pitch Perfect 2 (2015), and the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3 (2017).She made her Broadway debut in the 2008 production of A Country House and played Jill Mason in the 2008 Broadway revival of Equus.The sequel, which marks the return of the Bellas played by Snow, Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Anna Camp, is opening May 15 with plenty more anticipation and a lot more lesbian tension on screen.“When I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh wow, they really did that,’ ” Snow says of the sequel, which expands upon Chloe and Beca’s relationship, plays on some new sexually-charged female interactions, and lets the Bellas’ one lesbian, Cynthia-Rose (Ester Dean), enjoy being out this time.That's set to change, however, when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour and things swiftly turning into a jet-setting, high-flying European adventure.It's almost guaranteed will be a strong hit upon release, considering the franchise has so far taken in more than 0 million at the global box office.

“When we were doing the pillow fight, Elizabeth was just shaking her head like, ‘Yup, this is the movie we’re making.’” While the sequel sees the return of several key moments—the Riff Off being the most highly-anticipated with an unexpected twist—there isn’t another shower scene. “But Chloe has a very strong connection with Beca.” And that’s aca-sweet. But in Anna Kendrick's case, it's not a big deal because there's nothing incriminating and everything awesome about her ladies' trip to Sin City this weekend. The Barden Bellas have returned, and this time they're finding the adult world rather unpalatable when their real passion still lies with acapella.Though it's still too early to tell, : The actress-filmmaker, who has appeared in both films as commentator Gail Abernathy-Mc Kadden, was initially set to return to the director's chair for the third installment.Banks, who made her directorial debut with the second film and co-produced the first, is vacating the director's chair, it was announced in June.

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Well, when the , Kendrick discussed her new memoir, her acting career, and how she’s become an accidental LGBT icon.

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